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July 2011
Dear Season Ticket Holders and Blue & Gold Members,

The Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA) has an excellent tradition of success in academics and athletics. As many of you know the NAAA is responsible for the conduct of its athletics programs and actions of all organizations and individuals engaged in promoting the athletics interest of the Academy.

Our success is in large part due to you – our loyal supporters. As a member of the NCAA and Patriot League Conference, the Naval Academy is obligated to abide by NCAA rules and regulations governing the eligibility, amateur status and recruitment of student-athletes. Under these rules, alumni and friends of the Academy are just as responsible for rules compliance as our coaches and staff. Thus, the NAAA must take every effort to educate those supporting our programs.
Our best Advice: If you have to think twice about the propriety of any action, please ask before you do!!! Contact the coach, athletic director or compliance office (410.293.8936). In general, you may not provide anything or make special arrangements for student-athletes AND past student-athletes that are not available to the general student population. This list is intended as a guide and is not exhaustive:

Rules Governing Currently Enrolled Student-Athletes:
DO NOT give money to any student-athletes, even if it’s for the purpose of paying expenses to amateur competitions. For instance, alumni cannot sponsor a golfer or tennis player who competes in a pro-am competition over the summer.
DO NOT provide ‘extra benefits’ to student-athletes. The NCAA considers extra benefits to be: taking a student-athlete out to dinner, providing any gift of material value (including cash loans, free use of an automobile, Birthday/Christmas presents/cards or co-signing a loan), not charging or providing special discounts for professional services that other students have to pay full price for (haircuts, dental work, rent, etc).
DO NOT buy athletic event tickets from student-athletes. The NCAA prohibits a student-athlete from receiving and selling tickets.
DO call a NAAA coach, athletic director or compliance office to ask questions about permissibility of activities.
DO invite a team to meet with alumni or friends when in a city where they play. Always make arrangements through our head coach or athletics department administrator.
Rules Governing the Attendance of High School Athletes at Alumni Events:
DO NOT invite select high school student-athletes to alumni events whether on or off-campus. NCAA rules PROHIBIT contact. Alumni and friends of the Academy can entertain high school students under certain conditions that do not involve singling out student-athletes for special treatment such as inviting all high school seniors to a Blue & Gold Admissions Event.
DO tell athletic department personnel invited to speak at alumni functions if high school student-athletes will be in attendance. There are certain time periods when coaches are prohibited from any contact with a student-athlete off-campus.
Rules Governing Contact with Recruitable High School Students-Athletes (9th Grade through 12th Grade / 7th Grade for men’s basketball)
DO NOT provide transportation to USNA for a local high school or junior college athlete who wants to visit our campus.
DO NOT entertain in any way or give gifts, benefits, special treatments or free services to any high school or junior college student-athlete or his/her parents/guardians/relatives or high school, prep school or community college coaches.
DO NOT arrange face-to-face meetings with or go talk to a prospect, his/her parents/guardians/relatives, but you can attend a high school and two year college athletic event.
DO NOT provide a free ticket or transport a high school or junior college athlete to any NAAA athletic event in Annapolis or any other city.
DO NOT bring any prospect to an alumni gathering or NAAA Booster event. Your own son/daughter would be an exception.
DO NOT telephone, write or e-mail to high school or junior college athletes about attending the Academy.
DO call or write a NAAA coach if you know a talented prospective student-athlete who might benefit our program.
Do give prospects the NAAA website (,3siq,1c,52i5,7tic,7igh,i645&MLM_MID=176930&MLM_UNIQUEID=55931cef75) information so they can learn more about our programs.
DO feel free to offer your assistance to a NAAA coach who is recruiting in your city.
DO continue existing friendships with families of prospects, but please do not attempt to recruit the prospect for any sport.


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